Winona Lake Roundabout

Winona Lake Roundabout

The Town is officially able to enjoy the efficency of a completely construted roundabout at Argonne Road, Winona Avenue, Kings Highway and Park Avenue. A&Z staff worked with the Town to complete preliminary studies and traffic analysis. The improvements will ensure the intersection's ability to accommodate future traffic growth, improve safety, provide accessibility to all emergency vehicles and school buses.

Additionally, this roundabout serves as an asset to that area's economic growth. The roundabout serves as the gateway to the Town of Winona Lake and leads visitors into the area known as "The Village at Winona" which features an array of shopping, dining, and other entertainment attractions.

Argonne Rd., Kings Hwy., Park Ave., and E Winona Ave. allows the utilization of the limited right-of-way on Argonne Ave. to have wider trails by converting the road to a two-lane section and shifting the pedestrian and cycle movements to the roundabout for a much safer movement in addition to better traffic flow.

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