Funding Acquisition Assistance

Funding Acquisition Assistance

With extensive experience of federally funded INDOT/Local Public Agencies (LPA) projects, A&Z has the knowledge to assist in obtaining funding. Our staff works closely with local planning agencies on helping communities with their project funding needs.

Some of our key funding assistance services include:

  • Federal Highway funding sources
    • Surface Transportation Program (STP)
    • Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ)
    • Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)
    • Recreational Trails Program (RTP)
    • Safe Routes To School (SRTS)
    • Transportation Enhancement (TE)
  • State Funds
  • Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA)
  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

These grants could be used:

  • Main Street Revitalization
  • Water/Waste Water Improvements
  • Storm Water Improvements
  • Public Facilities
  • Planning/Master Planning Funds
  • Assisting in applying for federal funding
  • General grant application assistance
  • Assisting in programs with DBE, MBE, & WBE requirements