Waterloo-Amtrak Station Improvements, Waterloo, IN

Waterloo-Amtrak Station Improvements, Waterloo, IN

A&Z Engineering has a long-standing relationship with the Town of Waterloo including various projects leading up to the development of the Amtrak Station Project.

In May 2010, A&Z was hired by the Town to develop plans for a new parking lot that was intended to improve access to the recently renovated Waterloo Depot as well as provide parking for the Waterloo Town Park. Furthermore, it was also intended to act as overflow parking for the Amtrak station. We have a clear understanding of the project's objectives, which include: relocation of the historic depot to a new crawl-space type foundation at the southeast corner of S. Center Street and W. VanVleek Street, and the development of a parking lot that will serve approximately 85 parking spaces, pedestrian friendly sidewalks, energy efficient street and site lighting, as well as way-finding signs. West VanVleek Street will be improved by providing sidewalks and ADA compliant ramps, curb and gutter, additional storm drainage improvements, and street pavement resurfacing.

Construction cost approximately: $ 2.0 million


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