Maysville Road Improvements

Maysville Road Improvements

Maysville Road is an Urban Minor Arterial road located in the northeast of side of the City of Fort Wayne.

A&Z is partnering with Butler Fairman & Seufert (BF&S) to complete the design services for this project.

The project improvements will involve widening the existing two-lane and three-lane pavement sections to provide for a continuous five-lane roadway section while reconstructing and resurfacing the existing pavement, constructing pedestrian facilities including sidewalk and trail and ADA curb ramps. The other improvements include traffic signal modifications, signs and pavement markings, bridge modifications, new pedestrian bridges over Koester Ditch, a new storm drainage system, street lights, landscaping, sanitary sewer, water main, and green infrastructures for storm water management. Also included with the Maysville Road project are improvements to Stellhorn Road from Wheelock Road to Maysville Road and sidewalk improvements on the west side of Maysville Road from Maysville Park Blvd. to Stellhorn Road.

The estimated construction cost is $3.5 million

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